March 5, 2009

participants of trading course on Administration of Livestock Industry visited FHK
date on Feb 25 as a part of their program.

Explaining the exhibited FHK products.

All member of Administration of Livestock Industry and FHK staff.
Institutions concerned:

Accession organizer: JICA
Implementing organizer: National Livestock Breeding Center

Member details:

i. Participating Country : Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mongolia, Myanmar, Zambia
ii. National Livestock Breeding Center; Mr. Ohsawa,Japan International Cooperation Center; Mr. Ohmaki
iii. FHK staff

Contents of Training:

As a sole maker, specialized veterinary instrument for animal, explained from historical products down to future direction of Japanese husbandry with exhibiting.

Exchange the information, current or directional movement of veterinary technical, with participants from each country.

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