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Automated sample plating system [Code 00000000]
System Overview - An example for Coliform and Thermoduric Inspection in Milk


Flow of inspection with the system:
- 1) Petri dish supply and transportation
- 2) Sample supply and transportation,
- 3) Sample dispense
- 4) Agar dispense & mix

- 6) Barcode posting
- 7) Petri dish storing

2. Specifications (example)
a. Processing speed ; 360samples/h
b. Accuracy of sample dispensing : 100microlitter plus/minus 2%,
50microlitter plus/minus 2%c.
Accuracy of agar dispensing : 16-20mL plus/minus 5%

The structure of system and the specifications can be arranged according to your needs. Our goal is your satisfaction!
System Manufactured by Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.

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